Lauri Kristian Relander - the president of Finland in 1925-1931.

Lauri Kristian Relander was born the 31-st of May 1883 in Kurkijoki. His father was a teacher and later on a director of the Kurkijoki agricultural school. Lauri Kristian finished the Kurkijoki medium school and the Kurkijoki agricultural school, the Viborg lyceum and graduated Helsinki University. From 1908 he is an assistant professor in the agricultural testing station in Helsinki. He grew up six new varieties of oats. In 1914 he got the degree of Philosophy Doctor.

In 1906 in Finland was created the Agrarian Party (now - Suomen Keskusta Party) and Lauri Relander becomes its active member, elected into central body of the Party. In 1917 he was elected a member of Finnish Parliament and in 1919 - the speaker of the Finnish Parliament. In 1920-1925 he was a Governor of Viborg

At 1st of March 1925 Relander was elected the President of Finland defeating Risto Ryti. He became the youngest president in Finland's history.

The years of his presidency were very complicated. He tried to fulfil the idea of commonwealth of Baltic region countries, trying to soften the political cleavage and to prevent the economical crises of 30-ths. But the demands for the strong rule were increasing in the society and in 1931 Lauri Relander decided not to ballot in the new president elections.

He became the director of the agricultural fire precaution society and stopped any political activity.

Lauri Kristian Relander died from the heart attack in the 9-th of February 1942 at the age of 56.